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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Belize Jungle Dome Soundtrack

The Pool-Side soundtrack from the Belize Jungle Dome. Always changing with our large music selection.

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Adventure Travel www.youtube.com Profile

We have just created a new You Tube Account where we will be sharing more video of life in the Jungle and Tropical Islands of Belize. You Tube is a video sharing/uploading service. Below is a sample of the silly stuff MTV Wildboyz did when they visited the Central American Jungle.

Coincidentally one of the owners (Simone Angel) of the Belize Jungle Dome and Green Dragon Adventure Travel worked for MTV, so stay tuned as we share our favourites and upload more video from Belize.

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Belize Video

If you have any video of your trip to Belize, Central America and want to share it with us, upload it to youtube.com and send us the link. We would be happy to publish it on our blog.

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Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave in Belize

Caving in Belize at Actun Tunichil Muknal.

more Belize video here on the Jungle Dome Youtube account

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Belize, the small Central American country.......with a lot of Jungle

With the Belize Jungle Dome and Green Dragon Adventure Travel we take you to these remote spots to explore the Caves, Temples, Wildlife and more....

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Howler Monkey riding an Alsatian Dog in Belize, Central America

Click on image below and then click the play button.

Music * Gotan Project * Santa Maria

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Slideshow of River Kayaking in Belize on the Macal, Mopan and Belize River

Music * Nicola Conte * Missione A Bombay

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Manatee Protections in Belize Should Be World Model

"In Belize they've got a strong [manatee] population, probably the densest in all of Central and South America," said Caryn Self-Sullivan, a doctoral candidate in wildlife and fisheries at Texas A&M University in College Station......

Scientists believe at least a thousand manatees ply Belize's coastal waters, which are protected by barrier reefs, dotted with mangrove islands, and sliced by narrow channels........

......Belize's current tourism boom, for example, is driving increased coastal development and boat traffic that pose a threat to the nation's manatees, she says.

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Frommers Article On Belize and Green Dragon Adventure Travel

Unbelizable Beach and Jungle Getaways

"Unscathed by overdevelopment because of a protective barrier reef that keeps cruise ships from visiting the many small islands along its coast, Belize remains a tourist haven where travelers seeking privacy or adventure can still find both. Days here are filled with edifying activities like guided trips to Mayan ruins or simple downtime......" Read more

Frommers, the online Travel Guide has recommended Green Dragon Adventure Travel Packages including our 7 Night Belize Horseback Riding Adventure, Scuba Diving, 6 Night Belize Extreme Adventure, and Belize Beach Package.

Click to Read Frommers Article.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Green Dragon Adventure Travel Guestbook Slideshow

Green Dragon Adventure Travel is proud to have organized, operated and customized many packages in Belize for its guests in the last 18 months. Below is a slideshow of some of our guests and their Adventures in Belize.

Music * Babylon Buildings * Chris Combette

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Belize Weather Forecast

September and October typically produce the most storms around the Caribbean region. To check on the latest Satelite forecasts we suggest the following site : http://www.wunderground.com/tropical/

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Satellite Map of Belize

Want to explore Belize your own way? Check out this interactive Google Satellite Map of Belize.

Here is the link : http://www.maplandia.com/belize/

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Explore the Ancient Mayan Temples and immerse yourself in the mysterious Mayan Empire.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jaden Foundation

The owners and staff of the Belize Jungle Dome, inspired by Simone Hunts' Jaden Foundation Educational project in Belize, are now in the 3rd year of raising funds to provide financial assistance to children seeking a primary and secondary school education. For this year, 2006/2007, at todays date, 25 children who would otherwise not have had an education have received books and school uniforms. Many Thanks to all who have supported this cause.

About the Jaden Foundation

The Jaden Foundation is a non-profit, non-faith based organization aimed at improving the lives of Belizean children through education, vocational training and scholarships.

100% of the donated money goes to the children and the educational projects.

For more information or to donate visit the Jaden Foundation, or email Simone.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Top 10 Travel tips for travel to Belize

  1. Leave your fancy designer clothes at home. This country is laid-back to the max, where flip-flops and a bikini or hiking boots and shorts are as fancy as you need to get.
  2. Take off your watch. Simply go to bed when it is dark (anytime after 6.30 pm) and get up again with the sun (anytime from 6 am onwards). Your daily alarm clock will be the breaking waves on the shore or the tropical chorus of birds and howler monkeys in the jungle.
  3. Realize that when people in Belize tell you 'right now', they don't actually mean 'right now'. They are actually asking you to wait a minute (or two or three). Try not to stress, things will get done.
  4. Slap on the SPF to protect your skin from sun damage and pre-mature aging. Your tan will develop anyhow!
  5. Bring mosquito repellant. We have good nights and bad & it's impossible to predict when the mosquitoes will appear.
  6. If you are hooked on junk food, get your fix before coming to Belize. You will not find any KFC's, McDonalds or Burger Kings here. Our fast food is chicken, rice & beans.
  7. Be prepared to fall in love in with this odd little country (secretly eyeing up the real estate signs and casually asking people about local property prices)
  8. Unless you are a diving, sun bathing or sea fishing fanatic, do not spend more than 5 days on San Pedro or any of the other Cayes. You will have seen all there is to see and will end up going stir crazy.
  9. Leave your hair dryer at home. With all this humidity and sunshine you'll be fighting a losing battle anyhow. We all have terrible hair in Belize..join us!
  10. Try out things you've never done before. Abseil, kayak, dive, drink from a coconut and enjoy being away from what you call 'the real world'. This place is actually more real than most of Western society, as what you see is what you get. No billboards no catch phrases, just Mother Nature at her finest.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Reef and Ruins 7 Night Package - Slideshow Images

Green Dragon Adventure Travel offers a great 7 night package to explore the Jungle for 5 Nights from the Belize Jungle Dome, a base in the center of the country. From here the Tour takes you to the Caves, Temples, Jungle Horse Rides, Cave Tubing, Zip Line and Zoo. Followed by 2 nights on the Tropical Islands to swim with Nurse Sharks, Sting Rays and the numerous marine life including the Manatee.

Click on Slideshow below and press play to view the images.

Music * Intik * Notre Devoir

Email us for more information or visit the Reef and Ruins webpage

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