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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Comical capers of Guest Jeff Wu on his Belize Adventure

Andy, Russell, Sarah, Simone, David and the gang at Jungle Dome:

It’s been a little over a week since our epic adventure with you. Here’s a photo of me sitting in “civilization” wishing I was back at the Jungle Dome sucking down a cold Belikin. ARGH!

We are still talking about our vacation and how wonderfully you guys packaged the day trips. We’ve definitely agreed, this was one of the most memorable. As Tim said, “This trip exceeded our expectations”. I will always remember the sights, activities, hospitality, but most of all the people of Belize. I especially will recollect some of the more humorous escapades:

Everyone’s expression (especially Luis our Tour Guide) as he picked us up from the airport and I pulled a calf muscle getting into the van. I’m sure he was thinking “I’ve gotta take care of this Grande Chino?”

At Tikal, I remember David’s puzzled look as I sank lower and lower right before the plastic chair gave out and I did a back-plant. Then of course there’s Tim telling me to “stay down, you might be injured” as a ruse so he could take photos.

That funny man Luis as he told the zip line guide to attach the “elephant” harness (extra shoulder strap). Hmm, I didn’t notice any other guest wearing one …

During our snorkeling trip out to Goff Island, it rained so hard we had to pull over to a clump of Mangrove trees. Tim scared the crap out of me when he pointed into the Mangroves and said, “Do you hear that? That’s gotta be a man-eating animal” It was the skipper who, unbeknownst to us, had dived overboard to inspect the boat. The noise was him exhaling through the snorkel tube.

Tim trying to mount your swimming pool inflatables. Failing miserably.

At first, it wasn’t so funny, but as time wore on I found it more humorous. The porky woman over at Caye Caulker who wouldn’t leave us alone offering all kinds of “services”. Unfortunately, I didn’t get photos (maybe that was a good thing).

To all of you, a heartfelt THANK YOU! Till our paths cross again,

Jeff, Alice, Megan and Travis. Houston, Texas, USA - July 2010

If you have any photos of your Belize Trip send them to us and we will put them on our blog or our Facebook Page.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Belize Guest Comments and Slideshow - May, June and July 2010

21 June 2010

What a great place! Karen, David, Nora, Wanni, and those others whose names I don’t know, thank you so much for taking us in and making us feel like family! This place is a perfect combination of relaxing paradise and adventure. We will never forget our experience here.

The Reed family

5th July 2010

Thanks for everything. Karen & David are great asset to your business. The tours were fun, just remind people the ATM can be scary because it is dark, enclosed and goes on forever. The rest was a gas! Wanni’s food was perfect and plentiful. Great place, we will be recommending it to many.

Chris and Malcolm Rayburn, Narato, California, USA

14th June 2010

Dear Jungle Dome

This was a life changing experience for my mom and I. Everything from the crazy driving , to our day trips, to the great food, to the sitting by the pool.

The moment we got here all of our stress seemed to just melt away and it was so relaxing knowing everything was taken care of. The food was amazing, and it was wonderful to sit outside after dinner and talk while the toads came out and the howler monkeys sang. All of our day trips were incredible.

We can't even describe how much fun we had ! We learned so much and the entire experience was incredible ! We loved every second of this trip and wouldn't have changed a thing. Our stay here was simply life changing ! We will never forget it !
Thank you all for everything

Stephanie and Debbie Wade, Kent, Ohio, USA

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Friday, August 06, 2010

Belize Vacation Slideshow from Wu and White family - Houston, Texas, USA

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Belize Snorkeling Video

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