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Sunday, October 30, 2005

New Horseback Riding Package from the Belize Jungle Dome

We are please to announce a new Jungle and Mountain Horseback Riding Package for the upcoming 2005/2006 season in Belize.

Horseback Riding Adventures from our Jungle Lodge take you through Jungle Trails, Rivers, Teak Tree Plantations on an Adventure you will never forget. A mix of Half Day Trail Rides and Full Day Rides exploring the Caves and Waterfalls by Horseback. Miles of jungle and riverside trails await you. The largest herd of horses in Belize (130 horses and counting) and 20 years plus experience in running Equestrian Vacations make our venue the ideal location. Discover the treasures of the Mayan civilization in the depths of our Central American rainforests and become one with nature and let history come alive in the sacred world of the Mayans.


Day 1 : We will meet you at the Municipal or International Airport and transfer you to our Jungle Resort. Optional visit to the Belize Zoo on the way.

Day 2 : Early Breakfast prepares you for a Full day Horseback Riding Adventure through the Jungle, exploring the diverse Flora and Fauna with our experienced Cowboys. Our knowledgable guides will point out the local wildlife along the trails and entertain you with tales from Belize.

Day 3 : Early morning Round Up, galloping the trails and assisting the Cowboys in gathering the horses for the day. Followed by a Tour to the ancient Mayan Ruins of Xunantunich in the Cayo District of Belize, where our Tour Guides will explain the history and culture of the Mayan Civilization.

Day 4 : Waterfalls Horseback Ride. This full day ride will take you to the Big Rock Waterfalls. A leisurely picnic lunch and swimming are on the agenda for the next couple of hours. Enjoy riding through vibrantly rich tropical forests. Some areas of the trail are better suited for walking, and others perfect for an exhilarating canter through the woods. Return via a different route

Day 5 : Your choice of any of our exciting Belize Tours, including Caving, Kayaking, River Cave Tubing, Rappelling or Biking Trips.

Day 6 : Exciting Half Day Horseback Riding Trip to the local community of "Valley of Peace" along dirt tracks and Jungle Trails before returning to the Belize Jungle Dome for Lunch. Afternoon to relax by the swimming pool and enjoy the stunning Jungle surroundings of our Lodge. A great chance to do some Bird Watching and walk the landscaped gardens

Day 7 : River Cave Horseback Riding Adventure. You will ride to the underground river cave, passing through open farmlands and viewing primitive farming techniques of indigenous people, learning much about their culture. You will travel into a beautiful river valley lost in time, resplendent with huge mango, avocado, and citrus trees where you board small canoes and venture about a mile into the cave to view its exquisite beauty. A spotlight will be provided but you are invited to bring along your own headlights or flashlights

Day 8 : Transfer to the Airport for your connecting flight home

For more information visit our website at www.greendragonbelize.com or our Horseback Riding Package. Email is at info@greendragonbelize.com


Belize Holiday Ideas

The Belize Jungle Dome Image Gallery is a great way to research the Tours that we offer in Belize. We also have a Guest book Album and Guest Comments, which is contributed too by guests from the Belize Jungle Dome.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Caracol Mayan Temples Day Trips in Belize

Caracol Mayan Temples in Belize

Covering 30 miles of thick Jungle and only discovered in 1938. At its peak in 700AD this site has numerous pyramids, 5 Plazas, 2 ball courts and an ancient astronomic observatory

Currently in the state of excavation and restoration Caracol is the largest known Maya center in Belize. The largest pyramid in Caracol, "Canaa" (Sky Place), rises 143 feet high, making it is the tallest man-made structure in all of Belize. Since Caracol is located in the Chiquibul Rain Forest, there is a plethora of flora and fauna to enhance the true beauty of this magnificent Maya center

The ruins of Caracol are located in the Vaca Plateau of the Cayo District. Caracol Camp, adjacent to the ruins, is located at approximately Mile 46 of the Chiquibul Road which connects the Western Highway with the western slopes of the Maya Mountains. This is a full Day Trip with a Registered Tour Guide

Our Mayan Temple Day Trips can be combined with an Adventure Vacation of a lifetime exploring the Rainforest and Tropical Islands of Belize. Our highly recommended All Inclusive Vacation Packages include all meals, room, tours, tour guides, park entrance fees, sales and lodging taxes and vehicle transfers....click for more information

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Kayaking Trips and Vacations in Belize

Kayaking Trips on the Macal and Mopan Rivers are great fun from our Jungle Lodge. We offer a variety of Kayaking Trips and Adventures with instructional assistance to beginners, and excitement for people with all levels of Kayaking experience. Kayaking Day Trip is available from our Jungle Lodge or as a Kayaking Trip from Belize City

Kayaking Trip - Clarissa Run Adventure Day Trip

This exciting half day Kayaking Vacation Trip on the Mopan River run ending at Calla Creek is loaded with class 2 and 3 runs. Between the rapids, this stretch of river offers the tranquility of lush rainforest, vibrant flora and active fauna that you expect to encounter in a sensitive intact eco-system. Half Day Kayaking Trip.
Kayaking Trip - Paslow Falls Adventure Day Trip
This longer Mopan River Kayaking run combines the Clarissa run with Paslow Falls arriving in Bullet Tree Falls Village. This is a full Kayaking Day Trip combining rapids with plenty of calm water. the first part of the Kayaking trip includes lunch at Clarissa Falls Resort where you will swim below Clarissa Falls. From there you will embark on a Full Day Kayaking Vacation Adventure
Kayaking Trip - Vaca Falls Adventure Day Trip

The Ultimate Kayaking River Vacation Adventure for rapid enthusiasts and water fall lovers. The Vaca Falls Kayaking run is a stretch on the upper Macal River where you will awe in the natural beauty of the landscape and intact eco-system. This pristine river passes through remote and exceptionally impressive areas of the Maya Mountains where few venture. Full Day Kayaking Trip.


Old Belize, another Beach Attraction in Belize

A new Beach attraction in Belize has just opened outside of Belize City. This is a great spot for people who don't want to go to the islands but would like to experience some of the Tropical lifestyle.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Travel Articles about the Belize Jungle Dome

Belize Jungle Dome Web Design Project

We have started to re-design the Belize Jungle Dome website www.belizejungledome.com based around the eye-catching Geodesic Dome structure of the Jungle Dome and the ancient Mayan Symbols that were used by the Mayan civilisation. This image is a first draft of the web design which will go through many more re-designs over the coming weeks. If you are interested in following the progress of the Jungle Dome Web Design Project click here

Our Random slideshow for our other site www.greendragonbelize.com is now live. Visit the site and look at the banner images at the top of the pages and you will see a slideshow of 34 Banners.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Part 4 of Rick Waghorns Belize Family Holiday

".......Belize is far from a one-trick pony — it is not
just a tropical Wales with Mayan temples and
jungle trails for Pembroke Castle and the M4.
It has a coastline to rival any in the
Caribbean. Once more, Andy and Simone
turned up complete trumps in arranging a
three-day, two-night excursion to their
"sister" resort in San Pedro on Ambergris
Caye — the biggest of the Florida-style "Keys"
that follow the line of the largest barrier reef
in the northern hemisphere just off the coast
of north-eastern Belize.

The outward journey was in the company of
a detachment from the Green Howards, who
looked set for some serious R&R on the
neighbouring island of Caye Caulker after the
hour-long water taxi trip out from Belize City.
The return journey was just as entertaining
— if, alas, distinctly short-lived as a tiny, 14-
seater plane lifted off out of San Pedro
"airport", flew back along the barrier reef for
15 minutes before dropping back down into
Belize Municipal Airport.

In between, our home was Exotic Caye
Beach Resort which was the real, Caribbean
thatched-cabana deal — complete with beach
bar, home-made rum and hammocks swaying
gently in the on-shore breeze.

The excursions were top class — be it
manatee whale spotting or the chance to
snorkel over the reef in the hope of finding
Nemo, the latter experience made all the more
entertaining by the lurking nurse sharks
feeding off the change of tide.

At night, San Pedro comes alive as wellheeled
American tourists mingle easily with
sneaker-clad back-packer types in the clubs,
restaurants and bars that sit so comfortably
on the shore.

Many appear to reach Ambergris Caye and
never leave, they have that hazy recollection
of being somewhere near San Francisco in the
early 70s and that’s about it, man.
Others having been drifting this way for
generations — in particular the large,
devoutly Christian Menonite people that have
set up home in Belize, quietly tilling the land
undisturbed by the 21st century.

Think the Amish community featured in the Harrison
Ford blockbuster Witness; the Menonites are
of similar stock, living the same way......"

Part 1 of Ricks Article in the EDP
Part 2 of Ricks Article in the EDP
Part 3 of Ricks Article in the EDP

Rick is a sports and Travel writer for the Eastern Daily Press in Norfolk, England

Monday, October 24, 2005

Banners Slideshows

Our Banner Slideshow has now gone live on all the webpages of our Adventure Travel Website. Visit www.greendragonbelize.com to see the slideshows at the top of each page.

Friday, October 21, 2005

New Scrolling Banners on the Website

We have been testing a new scrolling banner design for our website using the stunning Belize Banner Images. For a sneak preview click here or visit our test webpage at http://www.greendragonbelize.com/test.html and check out the banner image at the top of the page.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Belize Snorkeling Bacalar Chico - National Park & Marine Reserve

Located 25 miles on the north end of Ambergris Caye, right on the border side of Mexico & Belize, is Bacalar Chico National Park & Marine Reserve. 60% of the national park is considered as wetland, which includes Cenotes, lagoons & interior mayan temples, but these are not accessible to visitors as yet.

The mayan dug out canal, is the only section accessible. Here we take a boat ride through the canal, where one enjoys the beautiful flora and fauna, birds, orchids, with sighting of Barracudas, Sting Rays and occasional sighting of Crocodiles, Dolphins and even Manatees. Also learn the importance of our mangroves found in Belize.

The other 40% of the national park is considered as solid & rich vegetation land. White lipped pecarries, White tailed Deer, Bats, Armadillos & Jaguars are some of the wildlife which can only be seen at night. San Juan, known as a past rich archaeological site is the only section accessible to visitors. San Juan has a very interesting mayan history that is why it’s known to be a tourist archaeological visiting site. For the maya, San Juan was a very important trading point center. Today, most of the remains of the temples are resting three feet under water, now called the Mayan Artificial Reef of San Juan.

The marine reserve is original known for the many great snorkel sites it has to offer. The most amazing and incredible snorkeling can be done here;

(1) Bacalar Patches, is a shallow white sandy area with 4 big colourful coral patches, which are surrounded with all kinds of marine life

(2) Barracuda Patch, is a deeper white sandy area with huge coral heads that almost perch out of the water. The site was named due to the schools of barracudas that are spotted there.

(3) Mexican Reef has a colorful coral line connected to the reef is just incredible. All snorkel sites are inside the reef which makes snorkeling nice and easy. Also visit the unique site of Rocky Point, (accessible with good weather only) the place where the reef meets the land. The tour includes all Drinks, Fish or Chicken Bar B-Q and 2/3 snorkel stops weather depending.

For more information on our Belize Tours, visit our website at www.greendragonbelize.com

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Tikal Mayan Temples in Guatemala, an epic adventure through Central America

Tikal in its heyday ca 700 AD, was the capital of a vast Mayan empire. Today, the site is one of Guatamala's premier tourist attractions. Its unspoiled jungle setting makes it special for discerning travellers, particularly Archaeologists, Naturalists and bird watchers.

Early Breakfast prepares you for the Days Adventure. A drive to the Belize/Guatemalan border where you will receive personal assistance through the Border and on too your waiting vehicle.

The Tour continues with a drive through Guatemala until you reach Tikal. Your English speaking guide who accompanies you all the way, will lead you through the 5 major temples built around 700AD. Walking tour lasts 4-5 hours. Lunch included.(Not included is Departure Tax from Belize)

After a 4 hour Guided Tour of Tikal you will re-trace your steps back to Belize, where your English speaking guide will return you to the Belize Jungle Dome where you can share the days adventure with other guests

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Belize Horseback Riding Day Trips

Belize Horse Riding Adventures from the Belize Jungle Dome take you through Jungle Trails, Rivers, Teak Tree Plantations on an Adventure you will never forget. Miles of jungle and riverside trails await you. The largest herd of horses in Belize (130 horses and counting) and 20 years plus experience in running Equestrian Vacations make our venue the ideal location.

Horseback Riding Day Trips last from 2 1/2 hours with longer Rides on request. Our cowboys are trained to deal with the complete novice but if you are an experienced rider and want to gallop the trails then we encourage you to do so

Longer Horse Riding Day Trips available on request

You do not need to have any Horse Riding skills to enjoy our Vacation. We cater for all levels of Rider


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

MTV Wildboyz go crazy in Belize

MTVs Wildboyz visited Belize last year. Visit the Wildboyz website for pictures of the crazy stunts they got up to. Including putting leaf cutter ants on their genitals, gaining the attention of the Tapir and Jabiru Storks with Bananas and fish between their butt cheeks and riding horseback through the Jungle, tarzan style.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Part 3 of Rick Waghorns Belize Family Holiday

"...Until the first load of American cruise ship
tourists arrived, there was this wonderful
"Raiders Of the Lost Ark" feel to Belize. With
just one guide and another family for
company, you almost have the place to
yourself — no bad feeling given the
extraordinary stone temple that’s rising up in
front of you. Aside from the country’s
"undiscovered" feel, there is another joy to
holidaying in Belize.

They have, it seems, very little time or
interest in anything connected with health or
safety. Which is why, a couple hours after
clambering up, down and over Xunantunich,
our little man — still only five-years-old —
was happily sat in the middle of a kayak, lifejacket
on, following the course of Barton
Creek as it wove its magical way through
fields of stalactites and stalacmites, up past
ancient Mayan burial sites and on into the
pitch darkness for 1,600-metres beneath the
vine-clad mountain. All with one guide and
one electric light for company.

And we never saw another soul.

Admittedly kayaking up a pitch dark cave
with just a torch, a guide and a thousand
Mayan Indian ghosts for company might not
be to everyone’s tastes. Certainly, anyone
with a more than passing
interest in the finer points of recent European
health and safety directives might be well
advised to give Belize a miss.

For holidaying in this particular corner of
Central America is very much as Mother
Nature intended, not as Brussels decreed.
Wherein lies so much of the country’s
fascination. It is — the odd, American cruise
ship party aside — still far enough off the
beaten tourist track to retain its magical,
untouched charm and yet still has
everything that anyone would ever need to
keep up with the Indiana Joneses.

In particular — and, again, great credit
to our hosts at the Jungle Dome, ex-
Charlton Athletic striker Andy Hunt and
his partner, former MTV presenter Simone
Angel — the standard of guides was superb.

Take Barnaby, our guide for a morning’s
cave tubing. Given that it requires a
certain leap of faith to entrust your wellbeing
to an inner tube and a small caver’s
lamp as you bob and bump your way
down a shallow jungle river and on
through three extensive cave systems, it
helps to have Barnaby’s calm authority
and deep knowledge guiding your every

Particularly when you are entrusting
a five-year-old to his care. Rafted
together by nothing more substantial than his
toes hooked underneath the little man’s inner
tube, the pair of them were soon floating off
into the darkness without a care or a fear in
the world — happy to let the river’s crystalclear
water take them where it wanted.

If I had one complaint, it was Barnaby’s
story of the time he found himself floating
downstream with a fierce electrical storm
raging in the mountains above.
One bolt of lightning later and his legs and
arms started to tingle — the river having
become "live" with a heaven-sent electric
charge. An unscheduled break on the bank
swiftly followed.

Fortunately, we barely saw a dark cloud all
fortnight. It was sunshine and smiles all the

Part 4 coming soon

Click here for Part 1
Click Here for Part 2

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Belize Adventure Travel Press Releases

Friday, October 14, 2005

120,152 Views for the Belize Jungle Dome Image Gallery

The Belize Jungle Dome Image Gallery is a great way to research into our Belize Vacations and holidays. We have slideshows of all the tours and day trips plus the tropical Islands of Belize and a large Image Gallery of our Guests. The Image Gallery has received over 120,000 hits since its inception one year ago. This Pool-Side picture is our most popular image having been viewed 950 times.

And the Jaguar picture (scroll down this page) is the top rated image receiving 12 votes (5 out of 5 stars).

Our Adventure Travel Website (www.greendragonbelize.com) has received over 152,000 hits from visitors in 2005, averaging 418 hits every day.

Even the Belize Jungle Dome Blog (this site) has received over 4,800 hits averaging 27 viewings a day.

Thank you all for visiting our Belize Travel websites

Surf and Turf 5 Night / 6 Day Belize Vacation Package

Discover the best Belize has to offer with the Surf and Turf All Inclusive Belize Vacation Package! From the ruins, the caves and the jungle to the white sandy beaches and Belize's world-famous reef system. Prices include all the day-trips, lodging, meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner), transfers (not your International return flights) and taxes.

More information Click Here

Surf and Turf 5 Night Belize Adventure

Day 1: We will meet you at the Municipal or International Airport and transfer you to our Jungle Resort to begin your All Inclusive Belize Vacation. Optional stop at the Belize Zoo (time permitting).

Day 2: Breakfast with butterflies, visit Xunantunich (Maiden of the Rocks). Lunch in San Ignacio, afternoon visiting the historical city and another Maya ruin named Cahal Pech. Shopping stops along the way.

Day 3: Morning Jungle Horseback Riding or river canoe trip - your option. Lunch followed by a River Cave Tubing Tour along underground waterways, cave walls glistening, showing off their crystal formations. The Mayans used these caves a thousand years ago and fascinating artifacts remain. Beautiful stalactites, stalagmites, and the very immensity of the cave itself will take your breath away

Day 4: Early breakfast followed by a car transfer to Municipal airstrip in Belize City for the short flight (15 mins) to San Pedro. Transfer to Beach Resort. Lunch. Half day snorkeling at Shark Ray Alley (swimming with the Nurse sharks and Sting Rays) and Hol Chan Marine reserve discovering the abundant sea life in Belize

Day 5: Full day snorkeling/manatee watching. Beach BBQ lunch on a tropical deserted island and a walking tour of Caye Caulker

Day 6: Fly from San Pedro to Belize International Airport for connection with your International Flight

We update this Belize blog on a regular basis with pictures of Tours, Guests, information about the Belize Jungle Dome and our Adventure Vacations. Details of new vacation packages and any special offers we have. You can receive regular email updates by subscribing in the box below. Simply enter your email into the box and the latest Blog pictures and information will be directed to your inbox.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Relaxing in the Belize Mountains

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

BBC Really Wild Show in Belize

This picture was taken by Steve Bakshall filming for the really wild show in Belize. Click here to visit the BBC Really Wild Show

Part 2 of Rick Waghorns Belize Family Holiday

"....it was time to invest
in a third suitcase and even if the Texas
branches of Saks Fifth Avenue and
Tiffany’s were still a little beyond
our reach, it was time to fill your
boots clothes-wise. Cowboy boots, of

One final tip for anyone who opts to
stay at the Derek — try the hotel
restaurant, the Bistro Moderne. The
food is superb; the service
impeccable. And being all nouveau
and French, the portions are tiny.
Tiny by Texan standards; spot-on
by English. We actually cleared
our plates. A first for Houston.

And so on to Belize. Part of the whole Jungle Dome joy is
the level of personal service and attention
Andy, Simone and their staff offer each and
every guest. In part, that comes from the fact
that their family adventure centre remains a
relatively small operation with just three
family rooms gathered around a stunning
swimming pool; in part, it comes from the
warm and welcoming nature of the
individuals themselves.

Put it this way, within two hours of his
arrival, the Evening News’ football writer
finds himself enjoying a kick-about in the
setting Central American sun with a six-foot
plus ex-Charlton Athletic star — who actually
smashed home a hat-trick for the Addicks on
his last visit to Carrow Road — and the rest
his five-foot something Mayan Indian cowboy

Three days later and we were all
jumping on to the back of the team’s pick-up
truck for the trip to the neighbouring town of
San Ignacio, where Banana Bank — named
after the equestrian resort that surrounds the
Jungle Dome — were duly beating their hosts
4-3 on a parched, dust bowl of a pitch. Andy
Hunt scored a hat-trick.
Had I been at work, it would have been

Had I been at work, it would have been
Arsenal away that particular weekend and
the chance to watch Thierry Henry rip
Norwich apart. Instead it was San Ignacio
versus Banana Bank, half an hour from the
Guatemalan border, in the very depths of
Belize. A world away — in every sense.
So much for the football. Drive up beyond
San Ignacio and on towards Guatemala and
there lies one of Belize’s greatest
architectural gems — the ruined Mayan city
of Xunantunich

Part 3 Coming soon

Monday, October 10, 2005

Guest Comments from Emma and Andrew Evans (Leeds, England)

Thank you so much. We've had a fantastic honeymoon - best bit!! The Tours were fantastic. I never thought I could swim and squeeze into a cave like that but ATM was brilliant. We were so caught up with the adventure we forgot our fears!! Not quite so at the Black Hole Drop, but a bit of adrenaline never hurt anyone.

And the Jungle Trekking to get to the Black Hole was an adventure in itself Thanks to Turbo (horse riding), I may get Andrew on a horse again at home. Not forgetting the food - If Tella and Nora fancy a trip to Britain and a bit of cooking while they are at it....!! Thank you all for your warm hospitality, we've felt so at home here we don't want to leave. See you guys and good luck to you all, we'll maybe see you again


Saturday, October 08, 2005

Rick Waghorns Belize Family Vacation

"...Rick Waghorn and his family enjoy a jungle
paradise in Belize.
It is a question that has obviously been
asked a thousand times — so much so that
some bright spark has actually turned it into
a clothing label.

Indeed, the wife even bought a hat with the
question embroidered on as we waited to
catch the water taxi to San Pedro. "Where the
hell is Belize?", it read.

Courtesy of 12 unforgettable days as the
guests of one-time Norwich Union-workerturned
Premiership striker Andy Hunt and
his partner, ex-MTV star Simone Angel, at
their Jungle Dome home, I now know the
answer to that all-too familiar inquiry.
Belize is a little corner of paradise, not that
far from holiday heaven.

It is also roughly the size of Wales and sits,
in what must be a slightly uncomfortable
squash, in between Mexico to the north and
Guatemala to the west. To the east lies the
shimmering, sky blue seas of the Caribbean.
If in doubt, grab the nearest soldier. For
though Belize gained its full independence
from Britain in 1981, colonial ties between the
UK and what was British Honduras remain
very strong.

English is still the first language, while the
British Army still maintains a permanent
base in the country complete with SAS-types
passing on jungle warfare secrets to
generation after generation of sun-burned

It was a detachment from the Green
Howards passing round the sun cream on our
water taxi to the out-lying islands; a column of
their dusty Land Rovers heading for a spot of
rum-laden R&R in Belize City as we headed
inland from the airport at the start of our big
family adventure.

The first challenge is, however, actually
getting there. There are currently no direct
flights out of the UK into Belize.
The preferred route is via either Miami or
Houston in the United States after which it
is a simple two-and-a-bit hour
flight down across the Gulf Of
Mexico with teenage American backpackers
and sun-dried Californian hippies for

We opted for Houston, Texas, and a
two-night stop-over at the Derek Hotel.
Funnily enough, it happened to be little more
than a block away from the biggest and
brightest shopping centre in Houston, the
Galleria. Given the strength of the pound to
the US dollar — and, for that matter, the
linked Belizean dollar — it was time to invest
in a third suitcase and even if the Texas....."

Part 2 coming soon. Courtesy of Rick Waghorn

Last year Rick Waghorn, the Sports and Travel writer for Eastern Daily Press (UK), visited the Belize Jungle Dome with his family. Rick spent 11 Days discovering the country. Download his Printed Articles about Belize and his trip.

Download Part 1
Download Part 2
Download Part 3
Download Part 4

These should automatically open in your browser. They are pdf files for which you need Adobe Reader

Our Scooby Doo Promotion

We did a Scooby Doo promotion for Warner Bros and the release of their new Scooby Doo Game. The winners will get a Free 5 Day Mayan Adventure in Belize with the Belize Jungle Dome. The competition has ended and we are waiting for the winners to be announced.

You can download the Scooby Doo animated promo for the Mayan Mayhem sweepstakes by clicking here or on the image below.

This should play automatically inside your internet browser, but if not save it to your hard drive and open with a flash player like quicktime or macromedia

Guest Comments from Tom and Marge Gallagher (Rochester, New York)

".......staying here has been truly a wonderful experience. Your hospitality is incredible and we have felt at home and welcome from the moment you picked us up at the airport. The room is comfortable, meals delicious, the service delightful and the trips you set up for us were without exception exciting fun, educational, and adventurous.

We would highly recommend all the trips - Horseback riding, Caracol, ATM Cave and Kayaking on the Macal River. All of these trips exceeded our expectations. We will be recommending Belize and the Belize Jungle Dome as vacations for all of our adventurous family and friends, and will plan another vacation here in the future...."


Guest Comments from Storch Family (Colorado, USA)

"......what can we say? We’ve only been here a short while, yet find it difficult to say goodbye. You have made us all feel so welcome here….as if we belong here. That is why we love Belize…not only is the country wild and beautiful, the accommodations lovely and the food delicious, it is the people that we encounter that truly make this a special place in our hearts. We better ourselves not only by opening our eyes to seeing new things, but by opening our hearts to the people.

I had concerns that my teenage daughters would find vacationing in a third world country a bit intimidating but those concerns were erased immediately thanks to you (and Gonzo too!) While we don’t get the opportunity to travel like this exclusively, please know that you have given us an experience that we won’t soon forget. You will be in our hearts and in our minds for a long, long time. Thank you SO MUCH for everything! We hope you will keep in touch and we hope to visit again......"


Ultimate Adventure 6 Night Package

Are you ready for a big adrenaline rush? Then this trip is the one for you!!! We’ve carefully selected the most exciting tours available in Belize today and created an action-packed adventure holiday, offering true variety and exhilaration

Ultimate Adventure Itinerary -

Day 1 : Airport transfer, free afternoon. After dinner, a guided night-time jungle walk. Will the wildlife show their faces?

Day 2 : After breakfast you’ll be hiking (1 hour walk) to a 300 feet sinkhole, 200 feet above the rainforest canopy that grows out from the basin for the Black Hole Drop Caving Adventure. After an exhilerating abseil down into the jungle canopy (and listening to your own screams echoing back at you), a mouthwatering picnic & the discovery of the “the Mother of all Caves”. We end the trip by a short climb and hike back.

Day 3 : Your chance to explore the Mayan underworld at Actun Tunichil Muknal, the cave of the Stone Sepulchre. An old place of sacrifies, there are Mayan remnants in the form of pottery and skulls! To get to Actun Tunichil Muknal, we’ll have to walk through the jungle for 45 minutes and swim into the entrance of the cave.

Day 4 : Our final trip into the Belizean jungle will be on Horseback. Up and down hills, wading through the rivers and galloping through the open farmland on our way back. Whether you’re an experienced rider or on a horse for the first time in your life, you’ll love this trip! Our experienced wranglers will have you do stuff you never realized you could. After lunch, transfer back to Belize City, short flight to San Pedro. Free afternoon on the beach.

Day 5 : Scuba Diving at the famous Blue Hole, one of the most exciting dive sites in the world. The blue hole is a limestone sinkhole, which is almost perfectly round. It is over 1000 feet across and over 400 feet deep. Once you reach levels below 110 feet you begin to see the stalactites that are the roof of this monstrous cave. This is an all-day 3-tank dive and includes breakfast, lunch, drinks and snacks.

Note : For non-certified divers this trip can be swapped for Morning Swimming with Nurse Sharks and Sting Rays followed by Hol Chan Marine Reserve Snorkeling Trip. Afternoon trip watching the graceful Manatees and searching for Sea Horses

Day 6 : 2 tank Scuba Diving Trip where the Belize reef marine life is abundant, with a variety of stingrays, sharks, groupers and other tropical fish, barrel sponges and Coral. This is a 2-tank dive and includes lunch.

Note : For non-certified divers this trip can be swapped for Cerros River Jungle Tour. Preclassic Mayan site located on the seaside. Abandoned 1700 years ago. Today cerros is a majestic site in the jungle inhabited by night creatures such as Jaguars, Tapirs, Deers and birds. Near is the mouth of the New River (A Mayan Trading Route) rich in mangroves, orchids and bromeliads, with sighting of crocodiles and occasional sight of manatees and dolphins. Next stop is at the village of Sarteneja. A visit with Steve (The Crocodile Man). Having more than 100 crocodiles, Steve is on of the only people who protects the salt water crocodiles in Belize

Day 7 : Relax on the beach before your flight back to Belize International Airport for your connecting flight home

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Guest Comments from David and Betsy Matthews from Tyngsborough, MA, USA

"...thank you so much for making our trip here so wonderful. Everything was taken care of for us and we loved all the activities that were planned.

We had a full schedule, but everything worked out perfectly. The Belize Zoo is so impressive. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but at every turn I was pleasantly surprised. This goes for the entire trip!

The Black Hole Drop is an unforgettable experience. Carlos & Nekos are incredible guides. The climbing was not for the faint of heart, but the sense of accomplishment after completing the climb was great. The most unique & unforgettable part of the trip was the “Honeymoon” overnight at the Cave at Actun Loch Tunich. You must have an adventurous spirit. But if you do, this will be a once in a lifetime experience. The trek is rough, but well worth it. We spent out 10th Anniversary in the cave!

The trip to Xunantunich was great, with Gonzo as our guide. Horseback riding with Alison was also fun.

Everyone has been so friendly here, I can see what drew you to this place. Thanks for the great food, conversation, fun, but most of all, the vacation of a lifetime!! And you made it all possible for us.....!"

David & Betsy Matthews Tyngsborough, MA


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Belize Jungle Dome Adventure Vacations

Here comes the new kitchen. They arrived with the truck at 11am this morning. And they left at 3.30pm today, leaving a brand new building at the Jungle Dome. In the next month we will fit the kitchen, getting it ready for the high season


In it comes. Backing the Kitchen into the yard.


They just drove the lorry into our yard. Put 6 posts down and hey presto. We now have a new kitchen at the Belize Jungle Dome


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